Ever wonder how Celebrities get that amazing, full, shiny hair? Were they born with it? Or Is it their million dollar stylist? Well look no further we are going to spill the tea and give you some of the industries VIP secrets.

Okay, okay so your probably already guessing that the big secret is hair extensions, but how do they work? What kind is best for my hair? What are some of the looks I can achieve? For starters extensions aren’t for just adding length. Many will use them to volumize and create fullness to their existing length while others may add a pop of color to spice up their look.

For those who want to enhance their hair color without a permanent commitment hair extensions can be a great solution.Change your color as often as you want with no damage to your own hair.

Have you always wanted to grow those bangs out but don’t have the patience to do it? It could take months just to get them long enough to go behind your ear. Why suffer the wait when they can be lengthened in about an hour.

How about that bridal hair you’ve always dreamed of? Whatever look you can dream can become your reality.

Have you ever thought about getting extensions? How would you change your look?