Welcome to our brand new blog. We are Al and Nicole from the Alfred Kelly Salon. With over 45 years combined experience in the hair industry, we have had  the opportunity to travel the world and bring back all the latest techniques. Now we want to share them with you. We want to start by telling you why we created this blog and what you can look forward to experiencing.


After being in the hair business for many years, we have noticed a common theme with almost every client we service. They love their hair in the salon but can never seem to recreate the look at home. We really hope this blog can help close that gap and help you look your best at home. No more running from your hairdresser when you see them in the grocery store. You will be able to hold your head up high and stop hiding behind the chip display.


Everything we do is as a team; including writing this blog. 2 heads are indeed better than one. Neither one of us are really writers so please bare with our grammar and punctuation as we learn the ropes of blogging. However, you wont be disappointed with the information we share. We will be heavy on the video content as we show you how-tos that are simple and easy to recreate. We will include product reviews and recommendations so you can achieve the right foundation for your style. Makeovers, feel- good stories, and the latest beauty trends are what you can look forward to. What kinds of things would you like to see that would help elevate your styling game to the next level?